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A community is defined by the features and amenities it offers. While most of the upcoming condominiums have a lot of facilities to offer, Classica Subdivision North Gate has lots of facilities within the community. These features are meant to make your lifestyle comfortable, fun and executive. Let us look at some of the features and amenities you will find at this community;

Gated Entrance
Classica Subdivision North Gate is a gated community. The only way to get access to the community is through a guarded gate. This feature has greatly improved security in this property. At the gate, there are security personnel guarding the community. For visitors, there is a waiting lobby where they wait for their host.

Electric Fence
The developer has invested much in security. The community has an electric perimeter fence. The electric fence has boost security in the community as residents feel much safer compared to the urban properties.

CCTV Camera Systems
In every building, we have installed CCTVs for security purposes. We have also installed alarm systems in every house unit for emergency purposes. In case of emergency, you are free to contact the security personnel any time of the day or night.

Children Playground
This community is a family-friendly property. Most residents have school-going kids that need a place to play. Within the community, there is a playground set aside specifically for kids. This playground has been equipped with playing facilities that will keep your kids busy and interact with other kids living in the community.

Multi Purpose Clubhouse
There is also a clubhouse you can use to hold a bash, party or visitors. Every resident has equal access to this clubhouse. If you are looking for a place to relax and have some time alone, this would be the best place to visit.

Sports Facilities
The community also has health and fitness facilities. There is a jogging path where you can do your exercise in the morning before going to work. This path has been designed such that it is away from the residential homes. This means you will not interrupt or be interrupted by your neighbors.

  • Entrance Gate
  • Multi-Purpose Clubhouse
  • Parks and Playground
  • Sport Facilities
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