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Why Invest In Classica Subdivision North Gate

There are lots of upcoming gated communities in Metro Manila and the nearby areas. If would be going through some of these apartments and can’t figure out the best for you. There are reasons why Classica Subdivision still stands out from the other properties. Here, we will look at some of the reasons to invest in one of the Pricilla or Pamela house models.

Have you checked on the prices of these house units? Have you compared to cost of buying homes elsewhere? House units in Classica Subdivision are very affordable compared to other properties. Most investors have booked almost all of these units and only a few are on sale. We highly recommend that you buy your unit from a reliable agent as there are agents out there trying to manipulate the prices.

This is one feature you are unlikely to find in other properties. Imagine living in a detached 2 storey building on your own. You have no direct attachment to your neighbor. You have a balcony and compound of your own. This is the kind of lifestyle offered by Pricilla house models. Most properties are designed to host 3 to 4 families on a single floor. However, this is quite different when it comes to Classica Subdivision. On the ground floor, you have your lounge, dining, kitchen and 1 T/B. Bedrooms are built on the first floor. 

Classica Subdivision North Gate has been an ideal home for many. The main reason has been its proximity to various shopping malls and cities. Located along Quirino Highway, the apartments are well connected by road to any part of the city. This highway connects to most of the major Avenues and is very busy with cabs and public transport shuttles. If you work in Metro Manilla, the apartment is just a few minutes from the city. The schools, churches and hospitals are also very near to the apartment.

The apartment is also water-secure, with a water reservoir in place to serve all residents. You will also not notice in case of a power blackout as the community has a standby generator. This serves as a backup in case of a blackout. You also have a man-made park within the community. This allows you to enjoy free air and green scenery while at your balcony. This is quite a different life compared to living in an apartment in the city. Everything here is orderly. There is a functional drainage system, garbage collection system and mail boxes. Isn’t this what defines a dream home?

A few units are on sale as most of them are already occupied. If you are interested to book a house unit in Classica Subdivision North Gate, then you need to hurry while stocks last. Every day, there are lots of investors and homeowners coming to see these executively finished homes. The location, traditional theme and detached houses have made this community one of the most sought-after homes in the area. The area is also fast-growing which makes this property a gold investment. In a few years to come, this area is perceived to be one of the developed areas in Metro Manila.

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